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Monday, May 23, 2011

Project 365: May 16th through May 22nd

May 16th: A pile of the seeds I planted last year grew up with my white currant and apple mint in the back of this picture.

May 17th: Bleeding heart

May 18th: Bleeding heart and Delilah - I fear my photos this week were pretty boring since I was ill much of the week.

May 19th: This is my lime mint and you can see the white lace cap hydrangea in the background.

May 20th: Yuki hiding in the closet

May 21st: I replanted the garden behind the sink since the herbs died due to lack of light. So, now we have houseplants which like low light.

May 22nd: Brunch and wine shopping at Eola Vineyards. We got a case and a half plus a bottle = 19 total bottles for $75 thanks to them giving us Memorial Day pricing and three different coupon discounts...seriously...

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