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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365: November 22nd through November 28th

November 22nd: Snow!

November 23rd: I made stuff! Making and canning Lavender Jelly and making the food labels for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 24th: Using my canned apple pie filling to make a Dutch apple pie. The empty shell behind is about to be turned into a lemon meringue pie.

November 25th: Tables are set for dinner in our dining hall.

November 26th: Black Friday left my commute for work pretty mellow - there was one other human on the Max I rode in on and normally it is very crowded.

November 26th: All bundled up and heading to Missy's for a foot spa party with the girls.

November 27th: Phase one: For lunch I made turkey sandwiches with homemade cranberry sauce and potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes.

November 27th: Phase Two: First stop - Naked Lady Party at Kelly's.

November 27th: Phase Three: 2nd Stop - Fondue and marathon dinner at the Rheinlander for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Four: 3rd Stop - Shanghai Tunnel Tour of the underground in downtown Portland, again for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Five: 4th Stop - Darcelle's, again for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Six: 6th Stop (Not pictured was Kell's) at Sean, Scott and Michele's for Scott's Art and Booze birthday party. Here is just a small sample of artwork friends had on display.

November 28th: After midnight...Scott and Jen with a sweetheart it was a pleasure to meet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 365: November 15th through November 21st

November 15th: My friend Jenna brought me a beautiful butterfly which now has a happy spot on my desk at work.

November 16th: Cherry Pie! Jenna's amazing mom made us pie! The crust was some of the best I have ever had

November 17th: I bought clearance leaves at Micheal's and stored them in our chiller which Macha discovered made the perfect kitty bed. She looked so happy and really whined when relocated.

November 18th: I found a celebrity while out grocery shopping again.

November 19th: Since getting off sugar and most carbs I have had one solid craving of "dear God, bring them to me" which is for Circus Animal Cookies and I swear they put crack in the frosting...last night I saw they have Christmas bastards....

November 20th: Jason and Henry experience some Pump Action togetherness at Grant's Birthday party at the Rialto.

November 20th: Me and Henry have a drink and get to know each other better...he is a complex Gnome.

November 21st: We chose Sunday, out of all days to drive out to the Tillamook National Forest for some shooting with a large group of friends.

November 21st: Driving and you can see the forest through the trees!

November 21st: It was a truly lovely drive.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spawning Salmon

Last weekend we ventured out to Alcea, Oregon to celebrate my husband's mom's birthday. We took her to this amazing place called the Thyme Garden. Founded over 20 years ago by Rolfe and Janet is their 80 acres of gardens, waterways and greenhouses. They ship seeds internationally and host some pretty amazing events on their property. They also have worked hard to restore several salmon runs which are on their property.

This is a small section of their property including a covered area for entertaining.

Originally my husband and I planned to marry at the Thyme Garden and even had put a lot of money down to save the date. Through a crazy set of circumstances we were unable to but we still treasure Rolfe and Janet's stunning home. We also have a special place in our hearts for the pond area seen here which is the exact spot we had planned our wedding to be at. In July, my closest friend Jen and I enjoyed a bottle of wine and several games of backgammon sitting right here and I was glad she finally was able to see one of our favorite places.

This pond is also an important habitat. Rolfe drained the entire pond, lined it with visqueen and reintroduced gravel, tree roots and rock to create good habitats for baby fish so the pond no longer dries up each season.

From here we watched large Chinook salmon swimming was amazing!

Alcea is located in the middle of one of Oregon's rain forests. The moss growth everywhere is a force to be reckoned with.

Me and my mother in law wearing our styling salmon seeing glasses. You can see Rolfe behind us.


This tree was amazing and so were the ferns growing out of it!

I finally got a picture of this truck! Normally when we think about it, it is dark outside and I cannot take a proper photo.

Our dinner had a touch of a cranberry theme starting with the cranberries in our floral arrangements.

The butter was even fancy for our dinner decorated with little eatable dragonflies and seasoned with cardamom. Rolfe and Janet owned a successful restaurant before selling it to buy their 80 acres and it shows in their events.

Herbed grilled salmon, marinated Brussels sprouts, leek and garlic mashed potatoes topped with Chantalle mushrooms and cranberry salsa. We brought a lovely bottle of a favorite wine of ours which is a Dijon clone chardonnay from Willamette Valley Vineyards.

The crust was gingersnaps and local hazelnuts topped with poached apples and caramel.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Project 365: November 8th through November 14th

November 8th: Bringing piles of research into work for the Green Team.

November 9th: Dinner at Jen and Richard's and working on our holiday cards to get an early start. Our cards say Nollaig Shona Duit which is Merry Christmas in Irish Gallic (Patrick's heritage) and Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee which means Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year in French (which is my heritage).

November 10th: Leaving my shift at the hotline I saw this vehicle which was "the bomb"...

November 11th: Grocery shopping late night with Jen for the wedding reception catering and we came across this bin of mutant Jonagold apples. This apple weighed nearly a pound and a half!!!

November 12th: The Christmas goat has arrived at Ikea!!

November 13th: For Patrick's mom's birthday we took her to the Thyme Garden for the salmon run. This is a view of a small portion of their property which is 80 acres.

November 14th: Best cookie cutters evah! We made pepper spice cookies for Brandy and Scott's awesome wedding reception at Vino Vixens using Christina's killer cutters.

November 14th: Down in the front of this picture are tuna stuffed cucumbers we made and behind is gorgeous flatbread Lauriel made.

November 14th: In front are smoked salmon cornucopias with a touch of dill and behind is a platter of apple bread and pear with walnut bread we made.

November 14th: Front of photo are cherry tomatoes stuffed with smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes stuffed with shrimp. To the left are a date paste with cucumbers Ms Lauriel made.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Project 365: November 1st through November 7th

November 1st: Neighborhood Association Meeting - Discussing CERT and last month's meeting minutes.

November 2nd: My A Typical breakfast these days: 2 boiled egg whites, celery with Adams peanut butter, 1/2 lean pork steak, Crystal Light and 32 oz water....yum!

November 3rd: What you can tell from my desk - I have received an insane amount of pins in ten years for you name it really though lately I mostly get them for volunteer work since I have not dealt with talking to customers in several years. I also am obviously a member of the Green Team and the Activities Committee, I hate Mylar and I believe in conserving energy.

November 4th: Roger's (aka Circle 23) art opening during first Thursday. Though Jen and I missed the cable suspension.

November 4th: Jen and I found one of the last phone booths in existence. We had to take a picture so people would believe us!

November 5th: Travis's gallery showing...

November 6th: Fright Town's Haunters Halloween party. To give you and idea of the creative genius of these folks - here is an image of what the resident welder created as their "fire pit" - the thing is so freaking warm people were standing at least 6 feet from it!

November 6th: Dias de los Muertos party - and costume 3 out of 3 for the season. I went as Medusa but told everyone I was dressed as Marie Antoinette.

November 6th: The skull mocks me...

November 7th: Plotting Brandy and Skot's reception with Lauriel since we are doing the catering for the honored occasion.