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Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 365: January 23rd through January 29th

January 23rd: The kitties keeping watch over the chickens making sure they do not get out of hand.

January 24th: Waiting for my massage....

January 25th: Picking up my Le Petit perfume by Tokyo Milk at Flutter in NE Portland. This is the store's adopted kitty who helps with their mouse problems. She was a sweetie. This store is wonderful.

January 26th: Atomic Tom kicking some ass at the Doug Fir. Phllip, Luke, Tobias and Eric.

January 27th: Watching episode 1 of my favorite show with Patrick.

January 28th: Mexican Train Dominos at Dana and Seth's.

January 29th: Paperwhites in our livingroom blooming beautifully.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 365: January 16th through January 22nd

January 16th: For Yule I got some of our family members digital picture frames for a great deal at Best Buy.

I opened them all up clearing out all the packing.

I got really inexpensive SD cards from Ebay which I loaded up with 2 years worth of Project 365 photos. I loaded up the SD cards onto the digital frames so they just needed to be plugged in.

Macha helps me sort through the pages...

I staple the 12 pages together which describe what each day's photo is of.

And Macha continues her help warming the digital frame boxes.

January 17th: SNOW DAY! Or actually night since it melted off as fast as it came in.

January 18th: My new scarf hanger and my scarves all organized.

I found these gorgeous candle holders at Home Goods for cheap to use in my wrought iron sconces. They are greenish with gold.

January 19th: My friend Jemiah's gorgeous and super sweet kitty always hits on me when I visit.

January 20th: Soup party at Dana and Seth's. While playing card games I laughed looking at the floor and seeing how the twins have decorated their parent's house.

January 21st: Heading out to Sunday's birthday party I packed her present up and topped it with some rosemary from the garden.

January 22nd: 1am at the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Robert, Kandice and Kevin.

January 5, 2012

Organizing the Christmas ornaments creatively. We take turns each year with our Christmas trees. Here are the ornaments for Patrick's tree which are blue, silver, clear, black, a touch of purple and white with snowflakes.

Also a small stack of beautiful blue lighting. Here you can also see the old ornament boxes which were scratching up the glass balls from their paint jobs.

Here you can also see the old ornament boxes which were scratching up the glass balls from their paint jobs.

I cut up sheets of silver foil address labels which I had that were unusable since ink did not want to print on them and pen would also not work. I used them to separate the glass balls and protect them.

I used up a small stack of small Christmas wrapping boxes I had been holding onto for years and have never had a use for to reorganize the glass balls.

I taped the boxes to give them more stability.

We take turns each year with our Christmas trees. Here are the ornaments for my tree which are red, gold, bronze, moss green and copper.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December 31st, 2011

I have been experimenting lately with oranges and canning. Here is a latest creation - blood orange sauce.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365: January 9th through January 15th

January 9th: The bestest Christmas gift/card was from our sweet neighbor's kitty...

January 10th: At Baby Ketten karaoke with Brant, Amber Rose, Wendy and Caroline at Mississippi Pizza Pub

January 11th: Dinner of roasted chicken, sauteed asparagus and salad with shrimp and yogurt Caesar Parmesan dressing.

January 12th: Our awesome friends Jason and Kelly always send us awesome gifts...this time they sent a pack of Christmas cat nip toys which the kitties, clearly, like.

January 13th: New spring plants added to the coffee table to perk up the house.

January 14th: The amaryllis bloomed again but it was so heavy it broke so, in a vase it went. But it looks lovely with my new pink hyacinth which just started blooming.

January 15th: I ran to Home Goods to get some candles and found this "bookend" which was labeled "genuine horn" wow....

Friday, January 13, 2012

December 30th, 2011

The first three photos are from me and Patrick going to see Tannenbaum Madness on Alberta Street in Portland and the rest are us going to see the lights at the Portland Zoo.