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Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365: February 21st through February 27th

February 21st: SUN! Fiddling with my wallet waiting for the Max in the morning.

February 22nd: Someone seems to have had a "paper" moment in the bathroom at work...not quite sure what that is about but happy I missed it.

February 23rd: Where does your kitty go? Macha REALLY like the cold so while I am putting away the groceries she tries to cleverly disguise herself as a condiment.

February 24th: Kristen's photography show at The Know...Kristen's beer, Nona's green purse, my fuchia purse and Diana's glitterific purse...

February 25th: This guy has a lot going on between squats, leashing and poop collection!

February 26th: The Heathman's version of high tea for me: Orange Spice tea, two celery sticks with peanut butter (which were seriously heaven - crunchiest celery EVER), endive with balsamic vinegar and oil plus grilled chicken. It was super tasty though that opera cake looked pretty yummy too :)

February 27th: My window corner. I had the crock pot stored here but found some great storage space in our kitchen cabinet we were not fully using so I got these plants and planters at Ikea. This gave me a great idea and come Spring, when herbs are coming into the stores I plan to get a bunch of the white planters and go nuts creating a kitchen herb garden right there.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: February 14th through February 20th

February 14th: Waiting for the bus I found out who crucified the Christ!

February 15th: Helping a friend paint her home. This is me doing it without tape and why friends like me helping them paint.

February 16th: The walk in to work contained snow

February 17th: Moving over the shelving unit and adding some books and some of my pottery collection to it.

February 17th: Maggie came over for dinner and brought us these gorgeous mums and daisies. Patrick also hung the new floating shelving I found on Amazon and he added our Japanese dishes and tea it!

February 18th: Planet IKEA! Waiting for Patrick to swing the car around with our cart full of our new dining room table and chairs and the shopping basket piled with little bits and our two new lighting fixtures.

February 19th: I have had this wall clock forever and finally brought it to a clock place to take a peek so I can sell it on Ebay with some education about the silly thing. I never wind it because it is so loud so it seems silly to keep a clock I do not use.

February 20th: Our new dining room set and lighting. We are very happy with how it turned out. No more hitting your head on the chandelier at parties people! I just need to get two pieces of artwork back from the framer and paint the back door to match the walls.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 365: February 7th through February 13th

February 7th: Cold mornings this week with frost on the ivy by the Capital Center on my walk in.

February 8th: Switched my hot line night to Tuesday since I had the land use hearing Wednesday night. This was also the longest night I have had to date on the hot line staying over an hour past my shift due to an intervention.

February 9th: Lunch with Michele at Mio Sushi: Cucumber, Asparagus, Sesame Seeds, Magura, and Rice Wine Vinegar Salad with Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail Sashimi.

February 10th: Stunning roses from my husband.

February 11th: My desk face with my new recognition board - I have an insane amount of pins after working at the company 10 years - most of the pins I received a long time ago when I worked in customer service but I do get the occasional new addition.

February 12th: Seeing the Vagina Monologues with Ms Jen.

February 13th: First flowers of the year! Stunning...simply stunning though the yard is exploding with bulbs.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365: January 31st through February 6th

January 31st: Slaughterhouse Karaoke at the Lovecraft hosted by Sean and TJ. This is the ceiling of The Lovecraft because the bar is that level of awesome.

February 1st: Macha REALLY likes the ironing board, like on an epic level. It makes ironing....difficult....

February 2nd: A night at the hotline which has mood lighting. I so love these chairs. One of the swanky rich folks who donate a lot to the lines etc apparently decided she did not dig her brand new lounge chairs so she donated them to the hotline because they go rather nicely with the new digs

February 3rd: My husband is an awesome cook: grilled pork steaks, grilled asparagus and a fully loaded with veggie salad and vinaigrette.

February 4th: The theme of my night - I was supposed to do a police ride along but my paperwork was messed up by one of the daytime desk sargents plus they had a lot of sick cops stay I am rescheduled for the 11th instead.

February 5th: Dinner and seeing Atomic Tom at the Doug Fir with Ms Diane. Amazing dinner followed by an epic show - seriously, perfect night!

February 5th: My two extra add in photos which are self portraits, of sorts for February. With Project 365 they recommend you include self portraits each month to see how you have changed through the year etc. I also try to include one photo of my hand or hands as well as my own personal "goal".

February 6th: A gift from Richard - this is a drinking set he got in turkey made almost entirely with stone. The set is so beautiful and looks great on display by our bar.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I keep forgetting to share these so it is about time! I have three photos borrowed from a very talented photographer to Portland Dan Ostergren. One of the best people I know (and whom I am honored to refer to as one of my closest friends) Ms Heidi and I spent our week off together hitting up a whole slew of karaoke each night. Our final evening was spent at Hamburger Mary's.

Here is Ms Heidi

This is me with Michael, one of the best KJs ever and just an all out sweetheart!

Ms Heidi and Michael