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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project 365: June 18th through June 24th

June 18th: Leadership meeting for the neighborhood associations at City Hall which I know my way around entirely too well at this point. At least they always get Pizzacato.
June 19th: I relocated the strawberries to the front yard this year but was not prepared for how fast and well they would take. So, I present to you, our first crop ever...
June 20th: Naked tub...thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Miracle Method for making our bathtub look brand new in two simple days. All I can say is WOW...
June 21st: Work party...our awesome bosses ordered all of us Baja Fresh for dinner on one of the many long nights of working
June 22nd: NEW TUB! Definitely looks stunning against the slate we installed so many years ago.
June 23rd: Pedicure and manicure session with one of my BFFs and a group of awesome women as a bachelorette party of sorts since Heidi gets married in my back yard July 7th. I got my standard French pedi and mani..
June 24th: Working my tail off on a Sunday at the office...note the nuts, caffeine, chocolate and cell phone surround.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project 365: June 11th through June 17th

June 11th: First day with the new top down at work! June 12th: About to jump on the table to spend an hour with one of my amazing massage therapists. Having dinner at Koji Lloyd Center with Ms Katy during her brief visit to the NW. And you can see my car parked out the window. June 13th: Having lunch at Hayden's Lakefront Grill. They have a pond outside with ducks and such. They finally updated the name at the hotline...I like our new logo as well. June 14th: I finally got around to remembering to add a picture of the new sword arrangement I did in the family room since I brought Patrick and my matching katanas in from storage. We have fully matching samurai outfits only my sword has dragonfly charms on it while Patrick's has dragons and Japanese woodcut waves. June 15th: This is what $9 from Sushi Land Bridgeport Village looks like - salmon, yellowtail, veggie roll and a yellowtail roll....YUM! June 16th: BEST MIMOSA BAR EVER! Lauriel made all these homemade syrups, purees and bitters for Brandy's graduation party...shown is the lady of honor adding finishing touches... And these was on sweet Lauriel and Edward's amazing back deck. June 17th: PRIDE! I had a great time spending the afternoon at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's booth handing out beads to folks to memorialize their lost friends and loved ones. I met some of the most amazing people and even got free hugs. What a great day! Lovely dinner with Patrick at the Chart House in the hills overlooking Portland.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Project 365: June 4th through June 10th

June 4th: A standard run to Lowes for stone and a few clearance plants - who can resist a curly filbert for $19.99 at 50% off. The far left closest plant I had to get - a humingbird was going crazy for it in the plant center! June 5th: After doing some shopping Macha lays claim. Would you move her? Seriously - this is what pure joy looks like....not pictured is her kneading the box with her little paw. June 6th: My lupines began blooming in the backyard. June 6th: And I finally finished (after a week pretty solid) weeding the front yard. June 6th: Here is the rest of the front yard which I just finished weeding. June 6th: The front of the house. June 7th: Patrick finished the sun garden and new sitting area. And, believe it or not, those are daisies in the back. June 8th: Running to downtown Portland. June 8th: The courthouse - meeting up with our lawyer. June 8th: Apprently someone was in such a hurry he ran right out of his shoes. June 9th: Our friends Derek and Mike married each other in our backyard. This was their cake topper which represents two sould from different worlds. June 10th: I rescued this rose from my awesome mechanic's yard and now it is looking amazing. June 10th: Look at that color!