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Monday, June 11, 2012

Project 365: June 4th through June 10th

June 4th: A standard run to Lowes for stone and a few clearance plants - who can resist a curly filbert for $19.99 at 50% off. The far left closest plant I had to get - a humingbird was going crazy for it in the plant center! June 5th: After doing some shopping Macha lays claim. Would you move her? Seriously - this is what pure joy looks like....not pictured is her kneading the box with her little paw. June 6th: My lupines began blooming in the backyard. June 6th: And I finally finished (after a week pretty solid) weeding the front yard. June 6th: Here is the rest of the front yard which I just finished weeding. June 6th: The front of the house. June 7th: Patrick finished the sun garden and new sitting area. And, believe it or not, those are daisies in the back. June 8th: Running to downtown Portland. June 8th: The courthouse - meeting up with our lawyer. June 8th: Apprently someone was in such a hurry he ran right out of his shoes. June 9th: Our friends Derek and Mike married each other in our backyard. This was their cake topper which represents two sould from different worlds. June 10th: I rescued this rose from my awesome mechanic's yard and now it is looking amazing. June 10th: Look at that color!

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