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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project 365: May 28th through June 3rd

May 28th - Desert of yum! Patrick made this amazing lemon tart from scratch and a blackberry sauce using my homemade blackberry preserves for desert with Heidi, Rob, Mike, and Derek. May 29th - Vampire spiders! So the throat scratch is thanks to Yuki who loves leaving date rape scratches on me and Patrick. The two sets of red marks though are thanks to the spider. And these are them almost completely healed! May 30th - Gluing the magnetic strips onto my little containers to make my new spice rack. Labeling my new spice jars with my jam labels....good thing I stock up on them for making jams. May 31st - The new spice rack after Patrick screwed the metal to our kitchen wall. I was actually sort of amazed because I thought I had way more spices. The magnets are even strong enough (with some epoxy that is) to hold a full tin of Allspice Berries. June 1st - Hanging out with Amber Rose, Jen, Caroline, Jason, and Joe at the Fez for Decadent 80's. June 2nd - Beaverton Recycling Day - a long day unloading cars but feeling great afterwards. It was a little strange this year unloading cars with the mayor. June 3rd - Patrick made this happen. He completely refinished this gorgeous garden bench that Sean T Lewis gifted our yard a few years ago. It looks so lovely under the maple tree now.

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