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Monday, August 29, 2011

Project 365: August 22nd through August 28th

August 22nd: Crafting space organization...

August 23rd: Making blackberry jam with an insane amount of berries that Emily and I picked for the weekend.

Cooking the berries...

The empty sterilized jars...

Jars finished and labeled...

August 24th: Organization of my scrapbooking stuffs.

August 24th: The new chicken coop setup with the new fence setup.

The new chicken coop setup with the new fence setup. I plan to plant some more plants right by it.

August 25th: Karaoke with Ms Heidi and Ms Kyle at the Woods.

August 26th: Clear Lake in the Mt Hood Forest - camping with Patrick, Erynn, Wendy, Jason and Noel for the weekend.

August 27th: Camping with Patrick, Wendy, Erynn, Jason and Noel - my potatoes, onions, red bell pepper and garlic with olive oil simmering in aluminum foil against the fire.

August 28th: The girls are getting so big! Here is Bernadette with Ginger and Francesca.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craft Room Redeux

My new crafting space! I sold my old desk and replaced it with the perfect crafting table from Ikea. I have been slowly replacing our shelving units to something more modern as well as organized. The large frames for the pictures are also new as well thanks to Ikea. And my scrapbooking stuff is now neatly organized on the far left side of the desk.

I got rid of quite a few bags and moved some stuff out to the garage to be properly stored when not in use like my luggage.

The table in the closet is also new from Ikea and this is my current office chair until I decide between a cushioned chair and a yoga ball or a little of both since I would love people to come over a craft with me.

I have Egyptian decor everywhere but with the new space under the desk I was able to stretch out more of the decor and things are no longer all sorts of cramped.

The rug for this room is a huge pride piece for me because it is Egyptian without being tacky. I really love how the new craft table helps show it off too thanks to the dark wood.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Project 365: August 15th through August 21st

August 15th: Macha shows us how to handle Mondays...

August 16th: Seeing Five Elements Ninjas at the Hollywood Theater with Patrick.

August 17th: FRUIT! The peaches became cobbler, the limes were added to Patrick' gin and tonics, the pear joined a spinach salad with some balsamic vinaigrette and pine nuts while the pineapple was sliced up for breakfast.

August 18th: Extra hotline shift to impress a pile of government officials. I only took one call the whole time.

August 19th: Macha conquered her wood pile, as well as the rat and the doggie - the world is safe yet again!

August 20th: 6 am deposits on my way home from an all night scrap booking fest

Roses Gone Wild Walking Tour with Emily at the Rose Gardens.

August 21st: I sold my desk! It will be missed but went to a good home.

Trek in the Dark at the Baghdad with Patrick.

Roses Gone Wild

On Saturday my friend Emily and I wandered to the Rose Gardens and took the Roses Gone Wild walking tour which was a lot of fun. We started the day with a monstrous breakfast...Fresh cut peaches, strawberries and pineapple; bacon; eggs with cream cheese, spinach and tomato; and garlic parsley potato pancakes.

I had to share a picture of the purple petunias in the parking lot considering you could smell them across the parking lot.

We also wandered around Sauvie Island to pick berries afterwards which was great fun. Along the way we dropped in at the Reeder Beach RV Park and Country Store which has some amusing decor...