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Monday, August 15, 2011

Project 365: August 8th through August 14th

August 8th: Yuki's swale report...though Yuki spent her afternoon checking out the construction workers probably trying to get them to come and pet her the tramp....she pulls the same thing with the mailman who always flirts right back.

August 9th: Dinner of wild coho salmon steaks, sauteed asparagus and Spinach and Strawberry salad with homemade sesame poppyseed dressing.

August 10th: It really never gets old to go to prepare something like a chicken where I walk out my back door and clip some thyme and sage right in my backyard.

My purple gladiolas are blooming rather nicely.

Post Arabian Nights cleanup - though it was tempting to just leave these gorgeous candle holders hanging in the grape arbor because they looked so pretty there.

August 11th: Lunch with Ms Heidi who works at The Standard which still has one of my favorite statues downtown.

August 12th: Another day....another fence section....


August 13th: Francesca, Bernadette and Ginger getting some rest in my golden oregano after eating their body weight in spent brew grains.

August 14th: Yuki apparently likes to look up stuff in klingon on my computer...

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