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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craft Room Redeux

My new crafting space! I sold my old desk and replaced it with the perfect crafting table from Ikea. I have been slowly replacing our shelving units to something more modern as well as organized. The large frames for the pictures are also new as well thanks to Ikea. And my scrapbooking stuff is now neatly organized on the far left side of the desk.

I got rid of quite a few bags and moved some stuff out to the garage to be properly stored when not in use like my luggage.

The table in the closet is also new from Ikea and this is my current office chair until I decide between a cushioned chair and a yoga ball or a little of both since I would love people to come over a craft with me.

I have Egyptian decor everywhere but with the new space under the desk I was able to stretch out more of the decor and things are no longer all sorts of cramped.

The rug for this room is a huge pride piece for me because it is Egyptian without being tacky. I really love how the new craft table helps show it off too thanks to the dark wood.

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