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Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Garden Updates

And here is an update on our fencing and front yard projects...

July 30th :Finishing adding the flagstone and getting the sides ready to till for a final time.

The guys power washing the moss from our roof - notice the VERY distinctive difference between the moss covered left side of the roof and the newly cleaned right side of the roof.

And the finished roof...thanks guys!

Planting and trimming...

Finished planting the pathway.

And the list of new plants I added: Two found rose bush starts (seedlings from four bushes that were on the side of the house several years ago I gave to Bronwyn and Mike when we put in the chicken pen), 2 Chandler Blueberry bushes, 2 Early Girl Cherry Tomato, Japanese Cucumber (which may or may not make it), Wine Cape Fuchsia (Perennial variety), German Winter Thyme (which may not make it), Lobelia (another one which might not make it - a few of these REALLY did not like being in the sun and in containers no matter how much water we gave them), Variegated Oregano (another which is half dead), Heavenly Blue Lithadora (one of the best ground covers seriously - will take full sun to partial shade and grows like crazy), Edge of Night Calle Lily, Russian Sage (another which was hurting bad and might not make it), Variegated Lemon Thyme, Barbecue Rosemary, Pineapple Mint, Coreopsis Big Bang Cosmic Eye, Speedwell Fairytale (I am hoping this makes it as well - Speedwell usually is pretty good about that), Bougainvillea - Barbara Karst (which is one Patrick picked out and is a vine style I planted right at the corner of the house for some gorgeous fuchsia color), Ceanothus l. Dark Star, Holly Blue Prince and Princess (one of each - which again, Patrick picked out - he has a HUGE thing for Holly, Moonshadow Euonymus, Twickle Purple Lavender (another which is not doing so hot I can hopefully nurse back), Husky Cherry Tomato, 2 Cannas (which I would not have bought if I had seen them listed as an annual - I thought they were a perennial), White Star Creeper (planted around the flag stones for walk-able ground cover), Baby's Tears (planted around the flag stones for walk-able ground cover), Japanese maple start (Acer Palmatum), Myoporum White, Bee Balm (which is REALLY doing amazing!), Stonecrop (planted around the flag stones for walk-able ground cover), blue hydrangea (which was a birthday present from Beth Adams and is doing amazingly well - so I have Cape Cod reminders in my front and back yard which is awesome), Varigated Vinca, and two Oriental Lily bulbs for Patrick since they are his absolute favorites.

July 30th: Adding the second fence section...

August 4: And the fence soldiers on! The third section is in and level. The next section requires beginning the demo of the neighbor's old fence and they are out of town right now so we are waiting until they get back since he had plans for the old fence sections. We want to make sure to take it down correctly etc. But so far the fence is looking pretty awesome! The chunk of concrete and tree trunk with chain link in its center were hauled off late last night as well.

Bees! One of my favorite things about having mint strategically placed throughout my yard (since I collect it out of love) is that it attracts bees something fierce which is great for everything else as well. Here we see a honey bee enjoying some apple mint.

Squirrels eat bulbs something crazy and Christina Griffith gave me an insane amount of gladiola bulbs a few years back when her front yard was getting shredded. I am happy a few survived the squirrel's feast because they really are quite lovely.

This is the year for apples! Our Columnar Sentinal apple trees are fierce this year with fruit! This is just a small section of one of the trees to give you an idea!

These started coming up near the fountain and are quite lovely with the body of a cosmo and the flowers of a delphinium but I have not a clue what they are or when I planted them!

Our grape harvest this year should be grand as well. Everyone keeps thoroughly admiring the arbor which really does look stunning.

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