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Monday, August 1, 2011

Project 365: July 25th through July 31st

July 25th: Work amusement... So, when Patrick and I were out camping I found my finishing nail hammer (that was my mom's) in our tent bag and was annoyed because I have seriously been looking for it forever (it is a handy little thing). I put it in my bag to put away but it is small so I forgot about it until I got to work and found it realizing how funny it would be if someone came across my purse and looking through the contents found a finishing hammer and gardening magazines...

July 26th: And I finished digging down five inches of dirt to make my walkway after dark but I FINISHED IT!

July 27th: The long walk home... Today was the first day in ten years I not longer have a desk in my office building since I officially went on non working notice at noon. Walking home I waited for a train to pass me by.

July 27th: I came home and started working on the walkway. I dug out the gravel and dirt mix from behind our garage and moved about 3 inches of it per section before placing the flag stones in.

July 27th: My friend Jenna dropped by to say hi and hangout for a few being the first official person to walk on our new walkway!

July 28th: Edge of Night Calle Lilys at the Farmington Gardens. I had a wonderful afternoon with my friend Beth hanging out and plant shopping for our houses. She always was one of my favorite shopping buddies. We laughed about shopping for Guess jeans for $80 when we were in the 3rd grade together and now we buy $80 in plants for our homes...

July 28th: Dinner! We met our awesome friends Melissa and Mathias at Benihana for wonderful food. Our chef was hysterical!

July 29th: Lunch! Ms Jen abducted me for some sushi lunch at our favorite new sushi place which rules not just because the awesome Meghan works there.

July 29th: Ebelskivers rock! Patrick made me and Richard Ebelskiver style strawberry shortcake for desert after an amazing dinner. Ebelskivers are this Norse pancake that is a little ball of heaven.

July 30th: The face of OCD - this was taken before starting the dishwasher and what the dishwasher typically looks like when I am the only person filling it...we have an entire set of square white porcelain and an entire set of round white porcelain dishes btw and yes, the round only are on the left and the square only are on the right...and yes, I just automatically do this without really thinking about it.

July 30th: The path...all done to start the day. I actually finished the night before thanks to Richard and Patrick but it was too dark to get clear photos so I took this picture the morning of July 30th instead.

July 31st: And this was taken July 31st in the morning though I finished at 10pm July 30th. All the ground cover is now in with top soil.

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