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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmington Gardens

One of my favorite nurseries is Farmington Gardens which is on Farmington Road out past Aloha about ten - fifteen minutes from my house. They always had a really great selection of plants, great prices and everything is so well taken care of. Lately they have also been expanding test gardens and making it even prettier there. Last Thursday on my first day off of a 30 day vacation of sorts I visited the nursery with my friend Beth whom I have known since the third grade. We laughed at her spending over $80 on plants and how we would never have guessed 20 years ago when we were 16 that we would be happy spending $80+ on plants for the homes we own. I managed to make it out of there under $30 after my coupon discount but I am misleading you since I spent $70 earlier the same day at Home Depot for ground cover plants that were on a really good sale that I needed to finish out my new walkway (which I promise to share photos of later in the week - or earlier - depending on how you look at things).

Edge of Night Calle Lily - which I bought...could not resist!

A great idea for trellising cucumbers! I am planning to try this with mine at home!

Beautiful artichokes!

I am very addicted to Heuchera - they are a favorite and I have a new favorite...Midnight Rose, I must have one!

Beth got one of these beauties and I will have to follow suit because they are stunning!

Beth and I could not find out what this houseplant was but wow, they really were stunning!

I finally identified this huge plant I bought a very long time ago for my sun garden which now must be moved due to its hugeness.

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