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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 365: July 4th through July 10th

July 4th: My strawberry marscapone cake with Jen's petit fours in the background.

July 5th: Someone had a bad 4th...this was the car I parked next to coming in to start my work week...notice the evidence of it being completely side swiped and the barely hanging on mirror.

July 6th: Dinner at Abby's Table with Heidi and Robert. This was the first course: Dosa with Lemon-Balm Coconut Chutney, Mint-Onion Relish and Grilled Garlic Scapes.

July 6th: Dinner at Abby's Table with Heidi and Robert. Second course: Salad with Fava Beans, Cucumbers, scallion, Amaranth, Gem Lettuce and Marigolds with Yogurt-Dill Style Dressing.

July 7th: Stir fry dinner, sake, shumai and ninja movies with Clinton and Kristina.

July 8th: Picking cherries off of our cherry trees.

July 9th: Shannon's rock star bridal shower at The Night Light Lounge. Fantastic raspberry kamakazi and those cupcakes by Ms Amber Rose were divine and saucy!

July 10th: Late night at Dante's with everyone for US Air Guitar Championship - it was seriously full of awesome!

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