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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project 365: July 11th through July 17th

July 11th: Post Central Beaverton NAC (Neighborhood Association Committee) meeting - got my new shirt! Also found out a bunch of info about upcoming events throughout Beaverton.

July 12th: Patrick made cherry cobbler from our cherry trees.

July 12th: Patrick also made an amazing blueberry pie a few nights before.

July 13th: RAIN! I nearly drowned on my commute home.

July 14th: I found a great deal on flagstone at Lowe's.

July 15th: I discovered I really damaged my leg but good the day prior at Lowe's while loading up the flagstone. I hit my leg against a jagged piece and now, several more days later it is black and blue and very dark.

July 16th: New friends! Upfront we have Francesca a Golden Comet and behind is Ginger who is a New Hampshire Red.

July 17th: Lazy afternoon though I did manage to get the dishes done.

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