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Monday, July 25, 2011

Project 365: July 18th through July 24th

July 18th: Bernadette with Francesca and Ginger - she is a VERY good adopted mommy.

July 19th: Giving blood to the vampires that don't sparkle...

July 19th: During shopping at New Seasons we discovered they are selling Smurfs into SLAVERY!!!! Call some 800 number because this MUST STOP!

July 20th: Even Yuki was worn out helping Patrick with all his server updates because his vacation.

July 21st: Baking spree!! Fresh out of the oven banana bread and Smores cupcakes for Patrick's birthday. The banana bread was mostly for her team at work.

July 22nd: Cychrus tuberculatus ground beetle who was wandering around our campsite. He was pretty huge!

July 23rd: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Everything at the Thyme Garden. This is a red-shouldered Ctenucha Moth on some echinacea.

July 24th: Ginger and Francesca chillin with their mama under our hydrangea.

July 24th: Ms Delilah wandering around the garden.

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