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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 365: March 21st through March 27th

March 21st: Dropping by Willamette Valley Vineyards on our way back from Central Oregon to pick up my Port wine shipment.

March 22nd: Dinner and Scrabble at Brandy and Scott's.

March 23rd: Good reminders while I am out shopping during my lunch break.

March 24th: Working on the Activity packets I made for my building's Earth Month.

March 25th: Clearance sales kinda blow now...

March 26th: "Let Them Eat Cake" - This cake was amazing - I even tasted a bite of the moist coconut deliciousness covered in French Macaroons. Melissa and Mathias' wedding was just amazing though and so very them.

March 27th: Yuki in her cone of shame still likes to climb her Patrick...and decided to just lay down on him.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365: March 14th though March 20th

March 14th: Breakfast for dinner at Derek and Mike's house in Vancouver. A whole pile of what I cannot eat...sniffle... Truly tragic too since it all smelled amazing! But I am sure the company was better.

March 15th: We think Ms Delilah laid her first egg! We still love our new egg basket which was given to us by Julie as a Christmas basket containing a pile of goodies she made.

March 16th: Our daffodils are blooming! And Bernadette and Delilah are slug hunting!

March 17th: The long drive southeast to Redmond. We were worried about driving through the Mount Hood pass but really should not have been. Sunny skies and clear roads the whole way though Mt Hood was still covered in some gorgeous snow, as you can see.

March 18th: Welcome to Central Oregon!

March 19th: Horse back riding through the National Forest in Sisters with Melissa and Patrick. My beautiful white horse's name was "Chance" and he was a doll.

March 20th: Out shooting with Laura, Melissa and Patrick...too fun..

March 20th: Guns and the high desert...a love story... Speaking of love story...I fell in love with Laura's pink .38 Snubnose with lazer grips seriously.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365: March 7th through March 13th

March 7th: Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association Meeting.

March 8th: Home from work with dry cleaning and piles of crap...

March 9th: One of my favorite kitties ever - she reminds me so much of my kitty that passed away Sacruva.

March 10th: Hanging out at Tom and Elaine's and teasing their poor kitty after having an awesome dinner with Elaine, Tom, Janus, Jennifer and her sweet husband. Fun night indeed...

March 11th: telescope....and trying to gather everything together for it.

March 12th: Vase I am trying to sell as well from England.

March 13th: Games and dinner over at Heidi and Robert's with Shannon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365: February 28th through March 6th

February 28th: I put together my bat box! YAY! It was bigger than I thought but I took the pile of sticks Amazon sent and made this thanks to my Ryobe...

February 28th: I think I will paint the post to match the house so it blends in a touch better but our next door neighbor is even excited.

February 28th: Mason bees I picked up from the Backyard Bird Shop in Beaverton.

March 1st: Pool at Sam's Hollywood Billards for Mathia's Birthday...their balls were Easter egg colors!

March 2nd: Hanging with the Vampires...

March 3rd: Macha's way of trying to sneak into Patrick's work with him...she almost blends in....almost...

March 4th: Beaverton Civic Theater's opening night of the play Bus Stop with Jen which was quite enjoyable. We fell in love with the girl who played Cherry - she was just darling!

March 5th: Crunk! Melissa's rock star Bachelorette Party which involved Hobo's (the bar), Darcelle's, a half case of champagne, no less than 9 plastic penises, a penis rape whistle, one stretch white limo, Voodoo Donuts, Voicebox Karaoke, steak bites at the Acropolis and one very sexy lap dance for the future was an awesome night seriously.

March 6th: The day after...our beautiful bride to be even did super cute favor bags for us...and even made mine sugar free. I brought home apple fritters for Patrick from Voodoo.