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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 365: April 9th through April 15th

April 9th: While gardening I found this bag of bulbs I had forgot to plant...

April 10th: While getting ready to go to sushi I came out to this sunset...

April 11th: Jelly Belly and a loooong work day...

April 12th: My Sabon NYC order: Patchouli Lavender Vanilla body scrub (freebie), Vanilla hand lotion (freebie), Patchouli Lavender Vanilla hand lotion (which I always carry with me), Fig Coco Sea Salt scrub, Fig Coco Sorbet Moisturizer, Eucalyptis Bar Soap, Rose Bath Salts and Rose Bath Melt Squares.

April 13th: Wandering a wet Home Depot plant department I discover a weapon source when defending against a convenient multi pack.

April 13th: My beautiful anemones in the front garden.

April 14th: A bumble bee at Farmington Gardens while plant shopping with Patrick and Richard.

April 14th: Voicebox Karaoke for Heather's birthday.

April 15th: Breakfast with Heidi Strand at Mother's Bistro.

April 15th: Walk through the Chinese Gardens with Heidi Strand.

April 15th: Clothing swap at the Secret Society with Heidi benefiting the local fashion show in Portland.

April 15th: At the front of the Secret Society post clothing swap.

April 15th: Hanging out for lunch with Heidi Strand at Russell Street BBQ..."wandering children will be given a double espresso and a puppy".

April 15th: Dinner with Katy Beerbohm-Young, Matt O'Neill and Patrick Ireland at Bistro Maison.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Project 365: April 2nd through April 8th

April 2nd: Dinner at Richard's and we brought this lemon butter cake for desert which Patrick made. We also brought over some of my homemade lemon curd which I can to go with it.

April 3rd: Drinks and dancing at Mummy's Restaurant downtown - well, we were actually watching several bellydancers, including Sean's sweet lady Bridie.

Bridie dancing at Mummy's Restaurant.

Decorations at Mummy's Restaurant.

Dinner at Le Happy with Jen and Patrick. This was amazing - I got the coconut cream with toasted coconut crepe. I also had them add bananas and chocolate.

April 4th: Dinner with Jen and Patrick at Mio...salmon, tuna and yellowtail nigiri; double crunch roll; alaska roll with real crab; dragon roll; and sunset roll. Plate of nom!

April 5th: Work bathroom...the ladies have this sweet (and VERY handy) group of things which are handy - hairspray, spray deodorant, moisturizer, flossing picks etc...just using a bathroom 2000+ other people are not using is pleasing enough.

April 6th: Getting a massage on a sunny afternoon. I love the space of this gal...

April 7th: Late night at the B Side with Vincent, Mindy and Sean...this is the girl's room.

April 8th: All in a day! Got a pile of clearance sweaters and tank tops at Old Navy plus a pile from Ulta using my 20% off: Stila One Step Correct, Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer, Korres Pomegranate Deep Cleansing Exfoliant, Sebastian Potion #9 Smoothstepper, Urban DecayPrimer potion, OPI nail polish in Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Rimmel nail polish in English Rose, Rimmel base & top coat and shimmery rose lip pencil by NYX Cosmetics.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Project 365: March 26th through April 1st

March 26th: One of my walls at work which contains some of my favorite work - the small card of The Summit ala Michael Parkes and Almond Blossom by Van Gogh. I adore Van Gogh and have two prints of his in my home. I love his floral drawings with blues and greens though my favorite is still Crows over the Wheatfields.

March 27th: My lonely little MG waiting for me to drive it home after everyone else has long gone home. I must say though I still feel so much safer working where I do now since the area has such a non existent crime rate.

March 28th: My sweet Heidi found this gorgeous print for me! I love it's title, "Renewal" always as much as the piece.

March 29th: Just another awesome day at work getting spoiled rotten with our own barista being brought in serving us coffee, hot cocoa, orange juice and Italian sodas - as many of whatever as we wanted...nice start of the day indeed.

March 30th: Koi Fushion came out (again thank you to our boss) to make us all whatever we wanted for lunch and this was on their cart: "Do Not Serve"...ummmm.....

Me and one of my nearest and dearest Wendy - we laughed hysterically when discovering we were going with matching outfits. We picked up Sean and he was also in black and red as well. I always loved this dress and was grateful it fit again. Korina specially ordered it for me and went postal on people during phone calls to get my dress in time for the event I was attending...I always get so many compliments on it.

March 31st: Lan Su Chinese Garden's plant sale with Krisha.

April 1st: On our 12 year anniversary we drove to Salem to visit Patrick's mom (well my mom too :)). This is her BFF Liam who is a big love bug...I mean just look at that sweet face.