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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 365: April 9th through April 15th

April 9th: While gardening I found this bag of bulbs I had forgot to plant...

April 10th: While getting ready to go to sushi I came out to this sunset...

April 11th: Jelly Belly and a loooong work day...

April 12th: My Sabon NYC order: Patchouli Lavender Vanilla body scrub (freebie), Vanilla hand lotion (freebie), Patchouli Lavender Vanilla hand lotion (which I always carry with me), Fig Coco Sea Salt scrub, Fig Coco Sorbet Moisturizer, Eucalyptis Bar Soap, Rose Bath Salts and Rose Bath Melt Squares.

April 13th: Wandering a wet Home Depot plant department I discover a weapon source when defending against a convenient multi pack.

April 13th: My beautiful anemones in the front garden.

April 14th: A bumble bee at Farmington Gardens while plant shopping with Patrick and Richard.

April 14th: Voicebox Karaoke for Heather's birthday.

April 15th: Breakfast with Heidi Strand at Mother's Bistro.

April 15th: Walk through the Chinese Gardens with Heidi Strand.

April 15th: Clothing swap at the Secret Society with Heidi benefiting the local fashion show in Portland.

April 15th: At the front of the Secret Society post clothing swap.

April 15th: Hanging out for lunch with Heidi Strand at Russell Street BBQ..."wandering children will be given a double espresso and a puppy".

April 15th: Dinner with Katy Beerbohm-Young, Matt O'Neill and Patrick Ireland at Bistro Maison.

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