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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project 365: April 16th through May 6th

April 16th: Part of "the haul"...Heidi and I went to the giant naked lady party at the Secret Society Ballroom and here is just a fraction of what I got - 3 new purses, 2 leather plus five new pairs of shoes out of which one were Nine West patent leather, one Dansko and one Harley Davidson leather!
April 17th: Mio Sushi with Jen for dinner...
April 18th: Visiting the Beaverton Bakery annex in Lake Oswego by my work I fell in love with their display
April 19th: An evening with my friend Chrystina I discover some shades at Clare's...
April 20th: Me and my MG and new aviators I grabbed at Kohl's during the epic girlie shopping trip. Notice my little ninja.
April 21st: I dug up a friend in the garden who was very cooperative. This is a tarantula that is native to the NW...freaky I know but they live underground and you do not see them often here.
April 21st: Late day wanderings with Jen - we went over to Tea Thyme and Lavender to get some decorating bits for my yard.
April 22nd: There be gnomes here at Fred Meyer..
April 23rd: Thank you so much Richard - the sweetie got my this wonderful set from the post office on Poe while we were over for dinner.
April 24th: GODZILLA! Hanging out with Kyle and Kyle which sounds like a bad cop show. The movie was excellent though!
April 25th: Yelp Elite event at the Veggie Grill in Beaverton which was a whole lotta filling! Their food is amazing though and all Vegetarian!
April 26th: Patrick started making the most amazing from scratch French bread.
April 26th: I had elite event tickets to see the Raven before it opened but alas, traffic was a bitch, so me and Jen went to see the Hunger Games instead.
April 27th: Mmmmmm The Container Store....
April 28th: Helping out my Chairperson, as the Vice Chair of the Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association I went to the Miracle Worker play to just smile and take a bow for our funding the play.
April 29th: My birthday cake made by Jen Earp which is created annually with several layers of moist chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache and shavings of mint truffles from the Caretta Candy Factory in Sedona Arizona which are my absolute favorite candy.
April 30th: Famous Dave's just opened in Beaverton so me and the boys dove into some BBQ.
May 1st: City Counsel meeting and our neighborhood association won this award from the mayor for our donations to the arts here in Beaverton.
May 2nd: 4 chickens and a pear - it really stood no chance and was devoured in minutes.
May 3rd: When you order over $1000 in car parts, your agent sends you a hand written card thanking you :) But I got my new convertible top and a few hundred more in stuff.
May 3rd: Fabric - Ms Lisa Marie is making me a corset and skirt in this gorgeous fabric for an event coming up - she and I are both very excited.
May 4th: Dinner at Izakaya Kaiten Sushi with Jen and I find these cute friends at the register.
May 5th: The sky on my drive home waiting for the Max to go by...
May 5th: A lovely party to celebrate the love of Lisa and Rob for 10 years. The music really was the best part, thanks to Kevin. The Crown Plaza always did love so much better on the inside.
May 6th: Here is Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris and Ensalata Caprese Skewers with rip grape tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella drizzled with balsamic syrup served at Brix Tavern before getting on the shuttle. We also had Beef Au Poivre Crostini with peppercorn crusted fillet mignon on grilled baguette with horseradish cream, herbed chicken filled endive spears with red pepper cream and prosciutto and melon topped with a quince slice. Unfortunately since we were running late, we missed the Wood Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Cilantro Key Lime Aioli and Mini Crab Cakes with Lemon Basil Aioli.
May 6th: OVO by Cirque Du Soleil
May 6th: And back to Brix for an amazing dinner before strolling home.

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