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Monday, February 27, 2012

Project 365: February 20th through February 26th

February 20th: First flower of the year popped up in the front yard - a gorgeous pink anemone.

February 21st: Paul over for snacks and neighborhood association discussion. I made dragonfruit and strawberry salad plus cucumber sandwiches on rye bread.

February 22nd: At the Beaverton Library for leadership training with the mayor's office.

February 23rd: And the crocus are beginning to come up - the yellow always come up before the blue purple.

The girls...sans one...

February 24th: Scott's 50th Birthday party - my goal is to age half as gracefully!

Stop two - hanging out with Wendy, Aaron and Erynn at the Lovecraft.

The Love Craft

February 25th: Stop one...champagne and girl time at Korina's awesome house.

The proposal - stop two... Hanging out at the Horse Brass for Michael's birthday where he had just proposed to the ever sweet Eden. My drink of choice to polish out the night? Framboise...

February 26th: Naked lady party at Marla's awesome house watching the roaring Yule log fire with Christmas music.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Project 365: February 13th through February 19th

February 13th: One of my new rings...flower power...

February 14th: Assessing the yard which needs a weeding something fierce. These are some anemone bulbs about to come up and you can see violas in the background.

February 15th: An example of me and Jen's texts to each other...we are both huge asparagus fans so I send her things like this when I find the super thin asparagus at Fred Meyer for such a cheap price.

February 16th: Reorganizing my dressing area. Starting from the left I found a amber glass and metal hanger which fits my fancy scarfs, mask and headbands well freeing up tons of space on my dresser. I added some nice hooks beside the mirror for all my necklaces since they were all much too long for my jewelry box which is in the center. Patrick added two floating shelves above the mirror which freed more space also on the dresser which I added my vases to etc. I added my 'M' hook to the right side of the mirror to hang a few more scarves from and hung more necklaces under that. I found a trash can which matched all the new cups and such I got to fit my makeup brudhes and such in. And finally I found a fleur de lis wreath door hook which we cannot use anywhere and just had which works perfect on the bedroom door which I now hang all my shawls from. Patrick was giggling that I made my side of the room all girlie.

Visiting my friend Lilith for some girl time...this is one of her sweet kitties who adores me.

February 17th: Mexican Trains Dominoes crack...on my way to Lilith's the night prior I grabbed this set and was delighted to discover my $22 bought a very nice game indeed.

Late in the evening Jen joined us for dinner. Patrick made this amazing angel food cake based on an Alton Brown recipe which we topped with macerated strawberries and fresh whip cream. We all agreed it was the best angel food cake we have ever had hands down.

February 18th: Patrick's amazing mead has now been bottled for 23 bottles total. He corked it all and added foils. We are now just waiting for the labels.

February 19th: Sushi lunch with Clinton, Annie and Jen.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 12, 2012

Me and Jen went to the Portland Audubon Society's open house.

Aristophanes - The Raven is a classic example of people trying to raise something wild before someone finally brings it to people who can at least give him a good life. Honestly I am not even a fan of keeping birds raised as pets. Birds have wings and are meant to fly. Even a gilded cage is still a cage and it encourages people to steal creatures from the wild which just makes me angry.

Finnegan - Peregrine Falcon...though everyone around kept calling him a hawk. His foot grew nearly upside down making it nearly impossible for him to hunt so he lives a good life at the Audubon Society.

Hazel - Northern Spotted Owl was such a beauty.

Jack Sparrowhawk is an American Kestrel with a messed up wing.

And Julio The Great Horned Owl giving Jen the evil eye.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Project 365: February 6th through February 12th

February 6th: The rescued rose bush from Kristin's house is growing very well.

February 7th: Having lunch at Hotel Oregon with Katy.

Dropping by Kason Vineyards to visit Matt and Christina and have a glass of Pinot Noir with Katy plus pick up spent wine bottles for my husband's mead batch.

Dropping by Kame Sushi in McMinnville with Katy before heading back home.

February 8th: Digging through the Pier One clearance section I discovered Big Bird's tragic fate...

February 9th: Backgammon and snacks with Cheryl L. White. — with Cheryl L. White.

February 10th: Izakaya Sushi dinner with Jen.

February 11th: Melissa and Mathias' wonderful tiki madness party was enhanced not just by the amazing food and company. The amazing collection tiki mugs was pretty inspiring. As seen here and accented with pink elephants and umbrellas.

February 12th: Olive Garden lunch with Jen Earp after getting our hair cuts together.

Yopop frozen soft serve yogurt which is tasty beyond description - especially their pineapple one topped with fresh pineapple!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 365: January 30th through February 5th

January 30th: Fall WAS for planting but I failed to get to a few things.

January 31st: Starting on the gardening with the weeding.

February 1st: Hotline shift night.

February 2nd: Hanging out at Yelp's Back to the Future Ball with Katy.

February 3rd: Daffodils coming up strong in the front yard.

February 4th: The state of the garden before everything comes up.

February 5th: Morning pedicure with Jen and Annie in the Hollywood District.

Afternoon lunch at Koji with Jen and Annie. Having my favorite - chicken katsu, shrimp tempura, miso, and their amazing salad with sesame dressing.

And then on to the late afternoon Superbowl party. Relaxing with some champagne at Ben and Rachel's great home. Their TV is two of ours.