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Monday, February 13, 2012

Project 365: February 6th through February 12th

February 6th: The rescued rose bush from Kristin's house is growing very well.

February 7th: Having lunch at Hotel Oregon with Katy.

Dropping by Kason Vineyards to visit Matt and Christina and have a glass of Pinot Noir with Katy plus pick up spent wine bottles for my husband's mead batch.

Dropping by Kame Sushi in McMinnville with Katy before heading back home.

February 8th: Digging through the Pier One clearance section I discovered Big Bird's tragic fate...

February 9th: Backgammon and snacks with Cheryl L. White. — with Cheryl L. White.

February 10th: Izakaya Sushi dinner with Jen.

February 11th: Melissa and Mathias' wonderful tiki madness party was enhanced not just by the amazing food and company. The amazing collection tiki mugs was pretty inspiring. As seen here and accented with pink elephants and umbrellas.

February 12th: Olive Garden lunch with Jen Earp after getting our hair cuts together.

Yopop frozen soft serve yogurt which is tasty beyond description - especially their pineapple one topped with fresh pineapple!

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