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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 12, 2012

Me and Jen went to the Portland Audubon Society's open house.

Aristophanes - The Raven is a classic example of people trying to raise something wild before someone finally brings it to people who can at least give him a good life. Honestly I am not even a fan of keeping birds raised as pets. Birds have wings and are meant to fly. Even a gilded cage is still a cage and it encourages people to steal creatures from the wild which just makes me angry.

Finnegan - Peregrine Falcon...though everyone around kept calling him a hawk. His foot grew nearly upside down making it nearly impossible for him to hunt so he lives a good life at the Audubon Society.

Hazel - Northern Spotted Owl was such a beauty.

Jack Sparrowhawk is an American Kestrel with a messed up wing.

And Julio The Great Horned Owl giving Jen the evil eye.

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