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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project 365: June 27th through July 3rd

June 27th: Technology...our shiny black laptop collection is shiny once again after I stayed up to clean the house spotless...

June 28th: My gorgeous garden photo of the week. I honestly stare at my yard these days in awe because everything looks so beautiful.

June 29th: Dinner at Abby's Table with my friend Chrystina Anderson - everything was seriously beyond amazing.

June 30th: A funny thing happened at the office - so this stupid ice machine in our break room has been broken for over a month...they have rebuilt it and supposedly repaired it countless times. At this point we suspect they just gave up since it would work for like a day then be broke again. So, our boss taped up a poem to it....

July 1st: Dinner and drinks with Melissa and Beth at Urban Fondue for a girls evening. I so love these women and am proud to have been friends with Beth since the 3rd grade and Melissa since the 7th grade.

July 2nd: Thanks to my awesome husband, Ikea (lanterns) and Home Depot (chain) we now have hanging lanterns for our outside table which look super cute.

July 3rd: Delphiniums...I was so happy this beauty not only came back but is taking over its section of my part shade garden.

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