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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project 365: June 18th through June 24th

June 18th: Leadership meeting for the neighborhood associations at City Hall which I know my way around entirely too well at this point. At least they always get Pizzacato.
June 19th: I relocated the strawberries to the front yard this year but was not prepared for how fast and well they would take. So, I present to you, our first crop ever...
June 20th: Naked tub...thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Miracle Method for making our bathtub look brand new in two simple days. All I can say is WOW...
June 21st: Work party...our awesome bosses ordered all of us Baja Fresh for dinner on one of the many long nights of working
June 22nd: NEW TUB! Definitely looks stunning against the slate we installed so many years ago.
June 23rd: Pedicure and manicure session with one of my BFFs and a group of awesome women as a bachelorette party of sorts since Heidi gets married in my back yard July 7th. I got my standard French pedi and mani..
June 24th: Working my tail off on a Sunday at the office...note the nuts, caffeine, chocolate and cell phone surround.

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