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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: February 14th through February 20th

February 14th: Waiting for the bus I found out who crucified the Christ!

February 15th: Helping a friend paint her home. This is me doing it without tape and why friends like me helping them paint.

February 16th: The walk in to work contained snow

February 17th: Moving over the shelving unit and adding some books and some of my pottery collection to it.

February 17th: Maggie came over for dinner and brought us these gorgeous mums and daisies. Patrick also hung the new floating shelving I found on Amazon and he added our Japanese dishes and tea it!

February 18th: Planet IKEA! Waiting for Patrick to swing the car around with our cart full of our new dining room table and chairs and the shopping basket piled with little bits and our two new lighting fixtures.

February 19th: I have had this wall clock forever and finally brought it to a clock place to take a peek so I can sell it on Ebay with some education about the silly thing. I never wind it because it is so loud so it seems silly to keep a clock I do not use.

February 20th: Our new dining room set and lighting. We are very happy with how it turned out. No more hitting your head on the chandelier at parties people! I just need to get two pieces of artwork back from the framer and paint the back door to match the walls.

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