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Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365: February 21st through February 27th

February 21st: SUN! Fiddling with my wallet waiting for the Max in the morning.

February 22nd: Someone seems to have had a "paper" moment in the bathroom at work...not quite sure what that is about but happy I missed it.

February 23rd: Where does your kitty go? Macha REALLY like the cold so while I am putting away the groceries she tries to cleverly disguise herself as a condiment.

February 24th: Kristen's photography show at The Know...Kristen's beer, Nona's green purse, my fuchia purse and Diana's glitterific purse...

February 25th: This guy has a lot going on between squats, leashing and poop collection!

February 26th: The Heathman's version of high tea for me: Orange Spice tea, two celery sticks with peanut butter (which were seriously heaven - crunchiest celery EVER), endive with balsamic vinegar and oil plus grilled chicken. It was super tasty though that opera cake looked pretty yummy too :)

February 27th: My window corner. I had the crock pot stored here but found some great storage space in our kitchen cabinet we were not fully using so I got these plants and planters at Ikea. This gave me a great idea and come Spring, when herbs are coming into the stores I plan to get a bunch of the white planters and go nuts creating a kitchen herb garden right there.

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