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Monday, January 9, 2012

A new year! Project 365 - January 1st through January 8th

January 1st - We went to Ben and Rachel's house for NYE and Ben lit this off to celebrate at midnight.

January 2nd - My new very hot shoes I managed to get at a great price.

January 3rd - Our cards finally stopped coming in...thank you so much everyone for thinking of us.

January 4th - Our wonderful new shelves in the living room.

January 5th - Reorganizing all of the Christmas decor.

January 6th - Taking down my tree ornaments.

January 7th - Post pedicures and manicures with Danelle.

January 8th - After midnight at Heidi's birthday party and the booze is still flowing.

Robert trying to take a photo of me trying to take a photo of Ben trying to take a photo of the desktop taking shots every few seconds through out the night.

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