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Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 365: November 15th through November 21st

November 15th: My friend Jenna brought me a beautiful butterfly which now has a happy spot on my desk at work.

November 16th: Cherry Pie! Jenna's amazing mom made us pie! The crust was some of the best I have ever had

November 17th: I bought clearance leaves at Micheal's and stored them in our chiller which Macha discovered made the perfect kitty bed. She looked so happy and really whined when relocated.

November 18th: I found a celebrity while out grocery shopping again.

November 19th: Since getting off sugar and most carbs I have had one solid craving of "dear God, bring them to me" which is for Circus Animal Cookies and I swear they put crack in the frosting...last night I saw they have Christmas bastards....

November 20th: Jason and Henry experience some Pump Action togetherness at Grant's Birthday party at the Rialto.

November 20th: Me and Henry have a drink and get to know each other better...he is a complex Gnome.

November 21st: We chose Sunday, out of all days to drive out to the Tillamook National Forest for some shooting with a large group of friends.

November 21st: Driving and you can see the forest through the trees!

November 21st: It was a truly lovely drive.

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