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Monday, November 8, 2010

Project 365: November 1st through November 7th

November 1st: Neighborhood Association Meeting - Discussing CERT and last month's meeting minutes.

November 2nd: My A Typical breakfast these days: 2 boiled egg whites, celery with Adams peanut butter, 1/2 lean pork steak, Crystal Light and 32 oz water....yum!

November 3rd: What you can tell from my desk - I have received an insane amount of pins in ten years for you name it really though lately I mostly get them for volunteer work since I have not dealt with talking to customers in several years. I also am obviously a member of the Green Team and the Activities Committee, I hate Mylar and I believe in conserving energy.

November 4th: Roger's (aka Circle 23) art opening during first Thursday. Though Jen and I missed the cable suspension.

November 4th: Jen and I found one of the last phone booths in existence. We had to take a picture so people would believe us!

November 5th: Travis's gallery showing...

November 6th: Fright Town's Haunters Halloween party. To give you and idea of the creative genius of these folks - here is an image of what the resident welder created as their "fire pit" - the thing is so freaking warm people were standing at least 6 feet from it!

November 6th: Dias de los Muertos party - and costume 3 out of 3 for the season. I went as Medusa but told everyone I was dressed as Marie Antoinette.

November 6th: The skull mocks me...

November 7th: Plotting Brandy and Skot's reception with Lauriel since we are doing the catering for the honored occasion.

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