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Monday, November 15, 2010

Project 365: November 8th through November 14th

November 8th: Bringing piles of research into work for the Green Team.

November 9th: Dinner at Jen and Richard's and working on our holiday cards to get an early start. Our cards say Nollaig Shona Duit which is Merry Christmas in Irish Gallic (Patrick's heritage) and Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee which means Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year in French (which is my heritage).

November 10th: Leaving my shift at the hotline I saw this vehicle which was "the bomb"...

November 11th: Grocery shopping late night with Jen for the wedding reception catering and we came across this bin of mutant Jonagold apples. This apple weighed nearly a pound and a half!!!

November 12th: The Christmas goat has arrived at Ikea!!

November 13th: For Patrick's mom's birthday we took her to the Thyme Garden for the salmon run. This is a view of a small portion of their property which is 80 acres.

November 14th: Best cookie cutters evah! We made pepper spice cookies for Brandy and Scott's awesome wedding reception at Vino Vixens using Christina's killer cutters.

November 14th: Down in the front of this picture are tuna stuffed cucumbers we made and behind is gorgeous flatbread Lauriel made.

November 14th: In front are smoked salmon cornucopias with a touch of dill and behind is a platter of apple bread and pear with walnut bread we made.

November 14th: Front of photo are cherry tomatoes stuffed with smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes stuffed with shrimp. To the left are a date paste with cucumbers Ms Lauriel made.

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