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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365: November 22nd through November 28th

November 22nd: Snow!

November 23rd: I made stuff! Making and canning Lavender Jelly and making the food labels for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 24th: Using my canned apple pie filling to make a Dutch apple pie. The empty shell behind is about to be turned into a lemon meringue pie.

November 25th: Tables are set for dinner in our dining hall.

November 26th: Black Friday left my commute for work pretty mellow - there was one other human on the Max I rode in on and normally it is very crowded.

November 26th: All bundled up and heading to Missy's for a foot spa party with the girls.

November 27th: Phase one: For lunch I made turkey sandwiches with homemade cranberry sauce and potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes.

November 27th: Phase Two: First stop - Naked Lady Party at Kelly's.

November 27th: Phase Three: 2nd Stop - Fondue and marathon dinner at the Rheinlander for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Four: 3rd Stop - Shanghai Tunnel Tour of the underground in downtown Portland, again for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Five: 4th Stop - Darcelle's, again for Brian's birthday.

November 27th: Phase Six: 6th Stop (Not pictured was Kell's) at Sean, Scott and Michele's for Scott's Art and Booze birthday party. Here is just a small sample of artwork friends had on display.

November 28th: After midnight...Scott and Jen with a sweetheart it was a pleasure to meet.

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