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Monday, December 6, 2010

Project 365: November 29th through December 5th

November 29th: The raspberry Palm is my old phone which is going bye bye and say hello to my new purple blackberry.

November 30th: I realized while looking at the side of my fridge that people may get a tad confused since our only two magnets are for my volunteer job at the hotline and the other is from where Patrick gets a lot of his reloading supplies called Stag Arms...

December 1st: Ringing in the month with an emergency visit to an optometrist for chemical burns on my eyes.

December 2nd: The Christmas lights are on at my Max stop.

December 3rd: I keep receiving piles of thank you and rewards stuff at work for all my volunteer hours.

December 4th: Patrick got the exterior lights done. I still love our wreath. I made it a long time ago when I first moved back to Portland while my mom and I were hanging out.

December 5th: I made coconut almond cookies for my neighborhood association meeting which is Monday night. I messed with a recipe I found and created these which are quite tasty

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