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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 365: December 20th through December 26th

December 20th: Dinner...gotta love crab season...

December 21st: A dozen gorgeous roses my husband sent me at work because he is that sweet.

December 21st: Peacock Lane

December 22nd: Pet food drive at work. This is just the donations for the PAW Team - there were other piles for the Columbia Humane Society and also Bonnie L Hayes.

December 22nd: I brought in some stuff for the PAW Team like old antibiotics, flea treatments, anti arthritis stuff for kitties and a head cone.

December 23rd: That's a lot of potatoes! I finally tried Five Guys Burgers and Fries...that was tasty...

December 24th: Yuki loves packages arriving...and this was a huge package from my sister.

December 24th: French sister sent me a lazy susan made from a wine barrel top.

December 25th: ...presents under the tree.

December 26th: Dinner to go at Baja Fresh...and I am not quite sure why there is a HUGE need for hand sanitizer in their salsa section. And I really wish people would seriously stop with all the anti bacterial are killing your immune systems.

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