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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Project 365: December 6th through December 12th

December 6th: American Red Cross at my work and giving my pint while celebrating an official year since I got over my fear and became a blood donor!

December 7th: The kittens get annoyed when I camera stalk them.

December 8th: I erected the tree Patrick bought me when we bought were working together at my work a long time ago.

December 9th: I made a pork roast for dinner with Jenna, Heidi and Robert marinated with my lemon ginger marmalade, low sodium soy sauce, garlic and pepper. It was as good as it looked!

December 10th: Dinner at Le Happy with Ms Jen.

December 10th: The Bagdad with Ms Jen and my sister in law Jill to see the lovely Ms Virginia for some comedy and support the Smile Train which is an awesome cause!

December 11th: The Grotto with Julie, Brent and their friend Jackie.

December 11th: Riyadh's for dinner date with the husband...mmmmm Gyro...

December 11th: Walking to the B Side to meet Vincent, Grant, Shannon, Amanda and Scott I see this artist's window which is very festive...

December 12th: Picking up our tree with Jen!

December 12th: Bring on the goat! Melissa and Mathias' annual goat party...the little one's name is Margo.

December 12th: Ginger cookies with love bearing good tidings in Swedish

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