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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project 365: December 13th through December 19th

December 13th: Girl's Night at Dim Sum Yum Yum at Pix Patisserie with Jen, Lauriel, Shannon, M and Chris. What a fun night!

They brought us drinking chocolate with candycanes! Yum...

December 14th: Dinner at Christina and Spencer's and my opportunity to hang out with the poof...Poofer is very demanding though you would be wise not let him fool you. Stay clear of this cat's belly no matter how inviting it looks.

December 15th: All the gift bag filling stuff is finished and we are just waiting for the bags and tissue to arrive...

December 16th: Patrick's Spirit One Christmas work gathering at Hobos downtown...yum! And their decore is always stellar this time of year.

December 17th: Patrick's MGC Consulting Christmas work gathering at Chez Machen on Hawthorne. And this is me...enjoying one of my favorite things on the planet...escargot :)

December 18th: Our home hosting the Sugar Plum Potluck. A huge thank you to Jenna for showing up early and being our resident pyro running around the house lighting an insane amount of candles and the fire in the fireplace.

December 19th: Epic shopping day with Jen where we started the day off going to sushi at Benihana where Jen asked for more wasabi and they brought her this golf ball. Then we ended the day meeting Wendy, Erin and Danelle for sushi at Yoko's in was a good day indeed!

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