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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365: April 25th through May 1st

April 25th: BEER! We spent the evening bottling the Irish Stout Patrick made and I learned about beer and the chemistry behind it.

April 26th: There is something truly beautiful about wild grass and its coloration.

April 27th: Shouldn't M&Ms have hit this action like years ago during the whole Star Wars craze? I mean, they are super cute and all but it was just strange and random or is there some new Star Wars thing I did not hear about?

April 28th: Take Your Child To Work Day - Jack the Dog, our corporate fraud mascot...HUGE hit with the kids who all wanted to hug him. Hell, the costume is so cute that I wanted to hug him :)

April 28th: Early birthday celebration dinner with Jen, Richard and Patrick. And my loot - or some of it beyond all the flower deliveries. Jen brought me bottles of wine, a katana charm for my phone, a pocket ninja, candle holders to replace ones that broke, nesting ninjas, a ninja letter opener and ninja cookie cutters...I seriously was squeeing VERY loudly... And then there is a few of the cards which started rolling in...

April 29th: Hanging with Amoree and Dylan who are seriously such awesome humans - this friends is a Captain Pacard earl grey chocolate muffin with chocolate sauce totally English style when the clock struck midnight officially becoming my birthday. And we continued to watch the royal wedding. ♥

April 29th: Lunch with Jen at Lupe's Escape...YUM!

April 29th: Formal dinner at Amadeus for my birthday.

April 29th: Formal dinner at Amadeus for my birthday.

The sunset view behind where I was sitting.

Love the chandeliers in the reflection.

Blowing the candle out on birthday cake #2 which was actually a silk torte of YUM! Thank you Chris for snagging the shot!

April 30th: And cake #3, made by Jen and described by one party goer as a item that changed her Chocolate cake with dark chocolate genache and mint truffle shavings from this amazing candy store in Sedona Arizona that Jen specially ordered them from knowing they are my favorite.

I tried to get a shot so you can see the black edible glitter but alas it does not show up - the cake was truly gorgeous! Though the chandelier is pretty awesome in and of itself.

The first incision....with my Mike Meyers knife...

May 1st: I came out of my front door to run off to lunch and a movie with Ms Jen and what do I find? Michele and Greg started their morning (hungover no less!) running to a nursery and picking up a plant I have been lusting after since Aaron S. told me about it (Mr Aaron works at Dennis' 7 Dees and we geek about plants a lot) and leaving it on my porch...seriously, can I just go on for awhile about the awesome people I have in my life and how much they spoil me!!?? Heuchera is my favorite shade dweller though - I sort of collect them and already have Georgia Peach, Lime Marmalade, Caramel and Coral Bells. The list of my wants is, well all of them but the two new ones I wanted SUPER bad are Peach Flambe and Obsidian....though Sweet Tea is also pretty amazing :)

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