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Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365: May 2nd through May 8th

May 2nd: Selecting cheeses for fondue night with Richard and Jen.

May 3rd: A birthday present from favorite candies which are the French Truffle Mints from The Cerreta Candy Company in Sedona Arizona that she specially ordered for me.

May 4th: Line numero 1...the DMV to replace my expired license for my lunch break. And this is the DMV "express".

May 4th: Line number 2...the post office to get a PO Box after work...that I had to wait in twice.

May 4th: I came home to find that Macha's storage stash of weird random things included severed fingers.

May 5th: Leaving on a jet plane...and discovering that one of the "perks" to first class travel includes your own floor mat....ohhhhhh.....

May 6th: The Grove in LA for shopping with Patrick, Rob and John.

May 6th: I am soooo in the wrong business. Here is a weight loss clinic, medical marijuana facility, botox clinic and you can get vitamin B shots!

May 7th: Black Market at the Double Tree for Bats Day in the Fun Park. Wow - over 50 vendors and it was crazy! It was also crazy warm because the Double Tree had the AC off for several hours.

May 7th: A World of Color starting up at CA Adventure Theme Park. To the left you can see their ferris wheel and the right the gazebo.

May 8th: An absolutely stunning photo of Walt and Lilly Disney from the Lilly Belle which is Walt Disney's personal train car we got to ride thanks to our friend Brittany who works at Disneyland.

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