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Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Gardening Project - Creating Hose Guards and Protect Your Plants

I hate to throw things away and try to reuse and recycle whatever I can to save myself money and also contribute less to the nation's ever growing landfill problems.
I had a copper and slate fountain for five years in my living room but when it died and I tried to replace several parts and redo the fountain itself I gave up. The slate tiles are now part of my shade garden as stepping stones and the river rock was tossed into my other partial shade garden. To cut up the copper pipes we bought a $10 metal pipe cutter which I imagine will come in handy for future projects as well.

I found these finials designed for the ends of curtain rods at Home Depot on clearance. They were regularly $14.97 for the package of two but on clearance there was a stack of them for $1.50 for a package of two. So, total purchase for 7 packages to create 14 hose guards = $10.50 when hose guards sell in the store

Each of the finials has a little screw at the bottom of them so to set them up for spray paint we used our iron table and slipped the screws through the mesh and newpaper to hold them still for the spray paint.

We used "battered metal" Kylon spraypaint to give the finials a neutral color so they would stand out in the garden but now look like an eyesore either. We then attached them to the copper pipes with wet dry epoxy designed for ponds and such so that they will hold up in the rain and wetness that is Oregon.

Tools of the trade...

I decided to use my small bulber to get into the ground easier.

Putting the guards into the ground.

Closeup of a newly planted hose guard.

And here is one planted rigt by the pond area.

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