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Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 365: May 9th through May 15th

May 9th: Our new tulip bulbs are coming up in black and pink and the gardens are greening up for the summer.

May 10th: Desk scene...this is my envelope ninja, defender of the free world! And my Crackberry charging for the next invasion.

May 11th: Lets play a game of "What's on my lap today during my Max ride to work". Here we have my purse, water bottle, book and book mark which has a favorite quote thanks to Voltaire: "Paradise is where I am."

May 12th: My wall at work day 1...well, a section of it with a photo from our wedding of our wedding party which has some of my favorite people: Melissa, Jenna, my sister Mary, Nicki, my husband, Rob, John, Spencer and Robert. Then two postcards - one is from Dias de los Muertos in Mexico sent to us my Scott and Jen and the other is a favorite painting of Michael Parks which I would certainly have the larger version of hanging in my house if I had the wall space, which I don't. And last is a photo of me and my sister Mary from my wedding.

May 13th: My 10 years of service award hanging now at my desk under the photo from Darcelle's of me with Trav, Melissa, Margo, Marla, Ben, Lacey, Kelly and a pile of other awesome women!

May 14th: My new business cards arrived and I think they turned out pretty cute!

May 15th: Chive bloom! I swear everything stays so down for so long and then I blink and everything in my yard is in full bloom. It is just crazy!

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