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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Project 365: June 21st through June 27th

I apologize for my absence and that I have to post two weeks worth from the 365 Project. Do enjoy and I will have more garden pictures very soon as well.

June 21st: Lupines finally blooming!

June 22nd: "Not for use on people"....ummm....this was in my doctor's office...

June 23rd: Me and Patrick made a new friend in our garden...I know they are not good for my plants but damn it they are cute so they live.

June 24th: Taking the MG in to get the trunk fixed to British Auto Works.

June 25th: Volunteer recognition for the suicide hotline at Ernesto's Italian restaurant. These were our souvenirs.

June 26th: This amazing rum and fruit tart Michelle made for our wine party which was cut and served with perfection by Eric, Ms Lisa Marie's date.

June 27th: Eating deserts from Papa Haydn, drinking tasty wine and having pedicures at Dosha with Danelle and Dana to celebrate Dana graduating from college.

June 27th: Our bathroom remodel complete...finally.

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