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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pedicures, Wandering and Cars with the Voom

A few weeks ago I had some excellent me time which I am lucky. I get alot of me time but I do not always get photos of it.

A dear friend I have known 14 years graduated from college after 11 years, having three children, buying a house and getting married. She has been a bit busy but to spite all the odds, she has her degree and all of us are very proud of her. Me and another dear friend decided to treat her to brunch, desert and pedicures for the afternoon. While wandering around in Northwest Portland I saw so many beautiful things between houses and gardens...even people.

A simple rose yet so complex...the colors are almost their own entity.

This garage was amazing and alive...look at those ferns...

I fell in love with this person's garden - it was overflowing and the stone path is such a fabulous addition...

St John's Wart...

Papa Haydn has the most amazing deserts. Me, Dana and Danelle had a wonderful brunch there and took our desert to go. But, the pedicures and wine began...

And out came the sugar...and we did pass each others around which were all amazing but we each liked our own the best which was perfection!

Thank you Dosha for my pretty toes!

And here are two bonus shots from me taking my car in to get the trunk worked on. I tried to convince the owner of the shop that my burgundy MG Midget had tranformed into this but he, strangely enough, was not going for it.

Here is my car though and a stunning Triumph in the background the men just finished restoring.

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