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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 365: July 12th through July 18th

July 12th: Going through the last pile from Boston.

July 13th: Macha likes to pose for us.

July 14th: Reorganizing my recipe book.

July 15th: Right before leaving to work the phones at the hotline, Yuki takes a chunk out of my nose. My offense? Combing her with a flea comb...guess she did not like that.

July 16th: Garden bloom...

July 17th: Celebrating Patrick's birthday is Yuki...

July 17th: Jordan was really happy when Richard scared Bernadette into perching on him.

July 17th: Pay close attention at the terror WHEN CHICKENS ATTACK! She is VERY least, according to Jordan..

July 17th: Macha continues to guard Patrick's birthday present.

July 18th: Baking Blueberry Lemon Balm Cake...

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