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Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden Ahoy!

Whilst sitting at Logan International waiting for my flight to JFK I thought I would post our most recent garden photos with a brief blog. I was very busy in the weeks previous to our trip and planted Calla Lily (Zantedescia Hybrid), Rosemary, Verbena, Woolly Thyme (Thymus Pseudolanuginosus), Cheddar Pinks in Raspberry Surprize, Peony, Rockfoil, Creeping Phlox in Candy Stripes, Gardenia, Burgundy and Cream Pansies, Wallflower in Canaries Yellow, Rush Twisted Arrows, Speedwell in Inspire Blue, Burgundy and White Columbine, Apple Mint, Compact American Cranberry Bush, Provence Lavender, Golden Sage, Pineapple Mint, German Thyme and Mondo Grass. Watching everything take hold and flourish has been fantastic!

My lupines finally bloomed and look just stunning!

Here are my girls running around our sunny yard.

Speaking of sun, it is finally summer in the great Northwest! I will confess I was enjoying not spending the money for watering but I am certain many items in my garden will benefit from the addition of heat.

Lavender roses - this was a single branch from one of my rose bushes outside. Some of the roses faired better than others with the temperature fluctuations.

We had a little visitor in our yard who I made friends with. I love slugs - I know they are bad for things but they are adorable. Slugs, however, get fed to the chickens.

And here are the first strawberries out of our yard...YUM!

Our blood red nasturtiums

And my first bloom from my long awaited peach rose bush which is my favorite color of rose.

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