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Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Bathroom Remodeling Completion

When we first bought our house nearly five years ago we remodeled its entire being. There were many choices we made intending to revisit some spots which we did something to for a temporary solution. Our bathrooms were both left unfinished. The walls and plumbing required alot of help over time. As a result the walls had plaster lumps which under normal circumstances you would smooth out but we saw very little point since we would just later cut the walls back open so we left them and chose paint we might want to keep. After five years the time came to finish the rooms starting with the spare bathroom at the back of our house.

First the drywall in one spot was not patched correctly so Patrick cut the wall open to properly patch.

This required a trip to Home Depot (though doesn't everything) where I found some great carpet names.

Drywall acquired and set up for cutting on our back deck.

And finally the patch os completed properly and the wall sealed back up.

I have always loved the look of Venetian Plaster so we decided to use it for the bathroom in a similar color to the prior color in the bathroom only a touch lighter to bring it down a notch. The great part about having finished the bathroom is that we knew what we liked and what we did not like about the bathroom.

And here is the first coat of the plaster being added to the walls from the right to the left on the screen.

And a close up after the application of the second coat with brandishing.

We kept the light fixtures the same but decided to replace the mirror.

I majorly scored finding a gorgeous mirror at Ikea for $14.99 as opposed to the $120 oval mirror we originally had hanging in this room that we hated. This shows clearly that shopping around is simply the smart thing to do but I only really knew much about Ikea recently and had yet to even walk into their store back in 2005-2006 when we originally remodeled the house.

These were a gift to me from my dear friend Melissa and have travelled from room to room in my house in gold frames I always wanted to paint. I needed artwork for this room and these were too perfect. I did, however, finally get gun metal spray paint and I retouched them giving them new life on our bathroom wall. I personally think they are just perfect for the space!

We kept the smae shower curtain and we just changed to beautiful new black fluffy towels and a bathmat with our wedding registry last autumn. Our color scheme gooes even better now in my opinion.

And my favorite part of the room now is the new shelving thanks to Ikea. These shelves are super cute though I highly recommend that when you buy shelving from Ikea you get professional drywall anchors ad do not use theirs, just to be on a the safe side. I love this look though and I think it really hows off the ceiling height in this room nicely.

Stay tuned for future projects!

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