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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project 365: July 26th through August 1st

July 26th: Blood red dahlia

July 27th: All moved into my new desk at work with my headphones, water bottle and lotion.

July 28th: Giving blood to the vampires who do not sparkle at the American Red Cross.

July 28th: Walking to the Max after work right by the wetlands.

July 29th: Wandering around my yard with Ms June I realize my hibiscus has begun blooming!

July 30th: Picnic in the park watching the movie Pretty In Pink for Mo, Margaret and Brandy's birthdays.

July 30th: Me, Jen and Patrick's picnic was roasted chicken, balsamic cous cous salad, zucchini/orzo/feta salad, and rustic bread with herbed goat cheese and roasted garlic.

July 31st: Macha shows us how to handle what we call "Saturday".

August 1st: Bitchy broody Catalina has two words for me trying to get her out of the coop daily...STUFF IT!

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