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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Main Bathroom Remodel

Like the spare bathroom, I have now finished the Venetian Plaster technique on our main bathroom. Luckily I only needed two gallons for the main bathroom as it has smaller walls and less space. Originally when we redid the main bathroom I never fully finished the walls. I instead experimented with two different painting techniques on the walls. I first painted the walls with a green called Scottish Road by Behr. I did a ragging off technique using an almond paint by Behr where you roll paint on then rag it off. When that dried I used a copper glaze by Behr and did a dry rub in certain spots. The paint looked woderful but really overstated the bathroom I thought since the floor and shower curround were also complex looking with their varigated slate. So I have bee wanting to "bring it down a notch" for years now but just needed to make the time. I never really have the time when it comes down to it but needed a project and was glad to take it on.

To honor the new bathroom color I thought something new for the walls was in order. I found these great dark metal candle holders at Target on clearance for $15. Combined with some small sandlewood candles = heaven. I was inspired to put metal on the walls for some reason.

Here is a close up of the Venetian plaster so you can see the texture and the brandishing effect.

I also reframed (it would be more accurate to say I framed it better with what it was already framed in) one of my favorite wall hangings shown here. My friend Karen lived in Equador a few years ago an sent me this bird made local there entirely out of Eucalyptus leaves which are one of my favorite plants.

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