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Monday, August 9, 2010

Project 365: August 2nd through August 8th

August 2nd: And it begins - the first coat of Venetian plaster on the main bath.

August 2nd: So you can see the before on the right and the after on the left.

August 3rd: Our new sander was a little cranky and clawed the crap out of our floor!

August 4th: Working on the garden path...

August 5th: Damned

August 6th: We thought if we gave Chris the fancy hat he might feel better about being the only guy at the dress fitting and bachelorette night for Brandy. He did have an ear to ear grin most of the evening though so I think he did ok :)

August 7th: We decided to rearrange our dining room when putting it back together right before the Arabian Nights party. Patrick did a brilliant job refinishing the floors!

August 7th: Lady J shows us how to properly hookah...and have no fear, the beauty was smoking the non tobacco and has not relapsed. This awesome lady once again not only helped me set up for the party all day but her Burning Man camp lent us quite a few items pre playa. She also looked stunning in my old saree!

August 8th: This really does sum up Sunday for me. My husband and I never really left the couch and though the lemon cream cupcakes I made were a huge party hit, people were kind enough to leave me a few...nom nom nom...

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