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Friday, August 13, 2010

Arabian Nights

This was taken right after Patrick refinished our dining room floor and rearranged. We are very pleased with how much better the dining room looks but I am excited to finish the job. In the plans are a new table and chairs, a new lighting fixture (which people will not hit their heads on!), and floating shelving though this is the arrangement we will follow so the shelving will be in the same spot - it just will no longer touch the ground! On the table is my Morrocan urn, the chiller and a pile of lemon cream cupcakes in honor of Jen's birthday which were a huge hit.

The new candleholders and the table covered in black satin thanks to Lisa Marie....

Ms Jessica did an amazing job on this space in the back for the party.

Richard's table is pretty amazing...

The hookah lounge all set up and ready to go with fruit, olives and breads...

Mikhail and Jen shortly before the party.

Sean lent us his drumming skills...

The hookah was a huge hit and here is Jessica, Richard, Jen, Scott and Jenna enjoying a round of orange tobaccoless smoke from it. The room still smells delightfully like oranges.

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  1. Awww, this looks fabulous and so fun! I'm so sorry we missed it. Someday in the future, I plan to be 100% better ... hopefully after this dreadful heat passes!