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Monday, August 23, 2010

Project 365: August 16th through August 22nd

August 16th: The city council was so sweet and actually handed us the signed ordinance for prosperity knowing how hard we had worked to get chickens in the city.

August 17th: Dead When I Found Her playing at the Someday Lounge for Lauriel's birthday gathering.

August 18th: On the way home I found this gem...insert loads of jokes here...

August 19th: The stagecoach. My company has several since it is, afterall, our symbol etc but it is pretty awesome sitting in one and I got to right after this was taken. They really are a thing of beauty and craftsmanship. Most of the ones that are in our museums are restored but ran all over the country delivering money and goods. This was brought in for our cultural fair that we do annually in our work parking lot and is actually quite fun.

August 20th: This is what a migraine looks like.

August 21th: Our bounty! This is from three different tomato plants in our yard but enough for a salad darn it!

August 22nd: I met Julie at Kruger Farms for shopping followed by peach picking at Sauvie Island Farms and then my super secret blackberry picking location (I cannot confirm or deny if Julie has since been "silenced"). This is of Kruger's beautiful you cut flower area while having a spot of lunch.

August 22nd: St Johns Bridge which I just adore - it really is stunning.

August 23rd: My beautiful yard is still erupting with flora!

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